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Please bear with us, as we have a whole lot of prep work to do in order to get our services ready for you. We will be offering coin cleaning services for modern, vintage, and gold/silver items. *** COMING FALL 2023 *** It's not ready yet, but you will be able to browse the services we offer at our online store using this link:
PCCS Online Store

In the meantime however, here are some of our accomplishments to WOW you.


PROJECT 2023-07-16-a US-Quarters (12)
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This collection of one dozen (12) circulated U.S. Quarter Dollars were in bad shape and that was certainly not normal petina. Each coin was degraded to various degrees on either one or both sides while in circulation.


Each coin from this collection are displayed below with their original circulated/degraded image and resulting final image after our cleaning process.





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Oxidation of Coins
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