Cleaning of Coins
Should you clean your coins?

NEVER! would be the immediate response of the majority of coin collectors across the globe. However, we do not believe that answer is the only one. Whether you decide to clean your coins or not is dependent on many factors including the following:

- How old is the coin?
  -- Ancient (very old, hundreds/thousands of years)
  -- Antique (over 100 years old)
  -- Vintage (over 20 years old)
  -- Modern

- Is the coin historically significant?

- Is the coin a special minting?
  -- First run
  -- Proof
  -- Mint

- Does the coin have special attributes?
  -- Uncirculated
  -- Error(s)

- Is the coin properly protected from future corrosion and degradation?
- Is the coin a family heirloom that is already properly
- Will cleaning the coin lower it's desired value?
- Will cleaning the coin damage or destroy the coin?
- Will cleaning the coin help reveal more details to identify it?

Regardless of the opinions of others, an owner must decide for themselves if they would be happier with the coin as-is or with the coin after properly cleaned.

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