Oxidation of Coins

Did you know?  Oxidation is the major reason for the degradation of most coins and any item containing metallic parts. What is Oxidation? It is the combining of Oxygen in the air with the metals in your coin/collectible, more commonly known as rust, tarnish, and corrosion. So to prevent oxidation, we simply need to ensure that there is minimum exposure of the metal(s) in your coin/collectible to the environment (air) and any type of catalyst like moisture (water). Always ensure your coins/collectibles are kept clean and dry and stored in a dry place.

For coins, we can prevent further oxidation
in many ways, but the three most practical ways are to:

1. Seal each coin in a separate holder.
2. Store multiple coins in a closed container with desiccant.
3. Store the coins in an almost airless and airtight (vacuum) container.

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